Tourist Spots

Dense forest and villages all around, being here and exploring the areas around is, itself an exciting activity. These activities can be enjoyed in groups as well as individually. for some of the activities, advance notice needed, specially for adventure activities like rock climbing, because the experts, under whose guidance, these activities are organized, to be informed & called in advance.

Naukuchia Tal
The beauty of Naukuchiatal is its tranquiiity. Surrounded by green oak forests from all sides this beautiful lake is aiimented by an underwater spring. The first sight of this tranquil lake is mesmerizing and eye-soothing, sure to leave you wanting for more.

Naukuchiatal is also famous for a local belief as per which you can attain Nirvana if you see all nine corners of Naukuchiatal Lake from a Single Point.

Naukuchiatal is a must-visit for those who love getting lost in the serenity of nature. The captivating surroundings and varied biodiversity that can be seen in the area within 10 km radius of Naukuchiatal gives it the perception of virtual heaven. It is the place where you can enjoy compilations of colorful butterflies and the beautiful variety of Himalayan birds.

A pretty deep clean lake with its nine corner is a captivating site. Length of lake is 983 mts. breadth is 693 mts & depth 40.3 mts. It is within an enchanting valley offering an opportunity of angling and bird watching. There is ample scope for rowing, paddling or yachting. Other attractions :
  • Adventure activities like Paragliding, Angling, Hiking, Cycling, Boating
  • AEPAN - NGO Centre
  • Bhakti Dham - Hanuman Temple

Bhimtal Lake
Bhimtal is one of the largest lake around Nainital named after Bhima of Mahabharata. The beauty of Bhimtal is enhanced by a small Island surrounded by crystal blue water that can be approached only by a boat and at present it has an Aquarium there. A gaggle of ducks has made the lake their home and give company to the lake visitor.It can also be made as a center for exploring the surrounding lakes. There is a large Victorian dam at one end of the Bhimtal lake and terraced flower gardens can be found on either side. Other attractions :
  • Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Victorian dam
  • Fish Aquarium on Island
  • Butterfly Museum
  • Nag Temple at Karkotaka Hill (5 Km trek)
  • Pilot Baba Ashram at Gethiya
  • Folk Art Museum - by Dr. Mathpal

Sat Tal
Sattal is a unique, unforgettable spot having cluster of lakes placed amidst the oak forest. It is comparable with Westmoreland of England. As one approach toward Sattal first lake is old Nal Damyanti Lake. On moving ahead there is the ashram of Stanley Johns an American Missionary. Next lake is Panna or Garude lake. As we move down there is a cluster of three lakes, these lakes are Ram, Laxman and Sita lake. Other attractions:
  • Fishing in Sattal
  • Adventure activioties near Suicide Rock
  • Birding in Sattal
  • Visit to Mystery Lake - Garur Tal
  • Methodist Ashram
  • St. John Church
Kainchi Dham
This place has achieved recognition owing to the ashram of the famous Neem Karoli Maharaj.

Tea Gardens
Tea gardens at Shyamkhet are famous for its organic Uttrakhand tea exported worldwide. It is a beautiful serene place to visit a box of Uttrakhand tea is a must buy.

Ghorakhal temple

Ghorakhal temple famous for the temple of Lord Golu worshipped by hill people.

Naini Lake
The nucleus of Nainital's uncomparable beauty is beautiful lake. In the day, mirrored in its waters stand seven proud hills, dotted with pretty cottages and villas. More beautiful than this however is the lake at night when the myriads of bulbs from the hill sides and quite a large number hanging near the lake's edge stab their magic light into its waters. Other attractions :
  • Nainia Devi Temple
  • Nainia Peak (Cheena Baba Peak) - Trek 3 km / Horse Riding
  • Tiffin Top (Dorothy's Seat) - Trek 3 Km / Horse Riding
  • High Altitude Zoo / GB Pant Zoo
  • Aerial Ropeway / Snow View
  • Hanuman Garhi Temple
  • Mall Road, The Flatts, Tibetan Market, Bara Bazaar
  • British Churches, Boat House Club, Gurney House
  • ARIES Observatory
  • Eco Cave Garden, Sariya Tal, Khurpatal, Botonical Garden
  • Raj Bhavan, Golf Course
  • Himalaya Darshan

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park, is a perfect holiday destination. Mainly known for its successful tiger conservation project, Corbett is home of great variety of wildlife creatures. Other attractions :
  • Gargia Temple
  • Bird watching
  • Elephant Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Canter safari
  • Corbett Fall & Laduagarh Fall
  • Corbett House cum Museum - Kaladhungi & Dhangarhi Museum
Situated at an altitude of 1789 mts. on Bhowali-Mukteshwar road Ramgarh is known for a variety of Himalayan fruits and spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges. The famous poets Rabindranath Tagore and Mahadevi Verma have praised the serenity of this place. The poems 'Geetanjali' and 'Sandhya Geet' were composed here. Ramgarh also houses a fruit processing factory run by the Government.


Situated at an altitude of 2286 mts. on Bhowali Devidhura road, Mukteshwar is a small hill station covered with a thick wooded forest and offers majestic views of the Himalayas. Near Mukteshwar is a stone hole of Chauli Ki Jali, dedicated to Lord Shiva. On a moonlit night, the place offers a spectacular view of the sparkling town of Almora and the majestic peaks of Adi Nampa of Nepal stretching up to the Chaukhamba Peaks of Garhwal. It is also famous for the hundred year old Indian Veterinary Research Institute Campus. This beautiful place is 2286 mts in altitude and 51 Kms. from Nainital. Surrounded by fruit orchards and thick coniferous forest it was developed by the Britishers as research and education institute (IVRI) in 1893. It is the celebrated scenic spot overlooking long ranges of Himalaya. An old temple of Lord Shiva exist on the top of a rock.

Nestling among thick dense pine forests, atop a narrow ridge and separated from the towering mountains of the Nanda Devi range by low, medium mountains. at Kausani the grandeor of the Himalayan scenery comes alive. The view of the snow covered Trishul & Nanda Devi is so clear that one gets a feeling of the snow being within touching distance.

Situated at an elevation of 1125 mts. it is 19 Kms. from Kausani towards Bageshwar. Lying on the banks of Gomti river in a flat valley, the temple complex of Baijnath was constructed by the Katyuri kings.

Binsar is one of the most scenic spot in the Kumoun Himalayas and acclaimed hill resorts. At an elevation of 2412 mts, this place offers an excellent view of Kumoun hills and the greater Himalayas , surrounded by Alpine flora, ferns, hanging moss & species of wild flowers. The main attaraction of Binsar is the majestic view of the Himalayas. A three hundred kms. stretch of famous peaks which includes Kedranath, Chaukhamba, Trishul, Nandadevi, Nandakot & Pachachuli. The forests of Himalayan Oak and rhobodendron are excellent for trekking and communing with nature.


Village tours for School Children's
Its an Educative & informative Visit of children to visit village. Children are formed in group, Each group is given a task to fill up a form by collecting datas from villagers. Findings of Children's noted on format is latter submitted to their teachers.

Rock climbing
these activities are conducted on Prior NOTICE on nearby rocks. expert guidance is necessary for these activities and we ensure that the activities are conducted by trained facilitators to ensure high level of safety for the participants.

Jungle walks
jungle walk is an interesting activity. one can do it every day and yet not get bored. it's because the jungles have a lot hidden in them. and the revelations are slow and full of surprises. the idea behind a walk maybe to simply explore a trail, or maybe to get a feel of the jungle. or to climb on top of the cliff you have been eyeing since days. you can follow the birds while the kids collect dry leaves for their scrap books.

Village walks
One of the Aim of Apical is to expose city dwellers to the village life. while walking through the village, one can see the life of a villager from close quarters. you can interact with them and share experiences, theirs as well as yours. we can also arrange for a villager to host you for lunch. believe us, it will be one of the finest experiences here, provided you go unbiased and are ready to accommodate the local taste to your palettes.

Trek to Sidh Temple
Centuries old Sidh Temple is a 2 hours trek from APICAL. shiva is the original deity of this land and this temple is amongst his most sacred temples.

Reversing Point (Ht.7000ft)

1hr 15min (One way) trekking through farm fields & jungle. A bright & beautiful Himalayas View. Picturesque landscape; Day Camping site; Serene & lovely climate.

Cliff Hanger(Ht.7000Ft.)
1Hr15Min (One way) trekking up hills through fields & Jungle. A bright & beautiful Himalayas View. Scenic valleys; Thick forest Hills; Close view of Chhota Kailas Hill temple

Siddh Temple (Ht.7250ft.)
2Hr. (One way) trekking through Oak & Pine Jungle. Temple covered with deodar Trees; green lush land & meadows A shinning himalyas

Karkota Temple (ht.6000ft.)
1Hr (one way) trekking through Pine hills.

Lovers point(Ht.6000ft)
1.5 Km Straight walk / drive from \"APICAL\"; Malwa-tal Valley View; serene & lovely pine forest.

Chaffi Shore
2.5 Kms Chaffi river's bank 1.5Hrs (one way) trekking down the hill pagdandi.

Eagles eye point
Arial View of Bhimtal & Naukuchiyatal: 2.5Km.driving/ walking distance.

Paragliding point
4 kms. Drive from "Apical"

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